Steering Knuckle Technology Development Present Situation

Z1660-3     Auto steering knuckle is key automotive parts, the quality of the security of the fit and unfit quality directly support crew and cargo security. At the same time, the car turned to the festival is complex, difficult shape forming high parts.
With the high speed development of auto industry,China’s automobile steering knuckle is gradually towards specialized,advanced. In 2007,China’s weapon equipment group company self-developed aluminum alloy steering knuckle smooth through the national nonferrous metal and electronic material analysis and test ce nter ofthe test, can meet the international similar product standard, become our country the first success fully developed the aluminum allo y of steering joint enterprise, fill the product of domestic blank. In 2008,China successfully built a has the Chinese the most ad vanced technology,minimum investment scale, the lowest manufacturing costs and highest input-output ratio the shortest investment return cyc le o fproduction capacity of180000 pieces of heavy trucks to section o f the auto matic production line, the production out external shape in good condition, internal quality, the products consistency of strong, organization performance standards steering knuckle products.

Auto steering knuckle processing is divided into blank manufacturing and finished product machine to add. At present, the blank mainly forging is given priority to, also have made by casting the blank, but is less. Blank forging process mainly for PiCha, pull rod, the forging, eventually working procedure such as forging components.

Post time: Apr-06-2022