Factory Wholesale Lower Suspension Ball Joints- Z12050

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Much like human hip joints, ball joints act as pivot points. They are an integral component that connects the various links between your suspension and chassis. As a wheel on your vehicle moves up and down the suspension pivots through ball joints. They allow the suspension to move independently without interfering with the action of the wheel. This independent motion isolates the wheel movement from the chassis, creating a smooth and quiet ride.

There are four main components of a ball joint:


The location of the ball joint determines whether it will be load-bearing or non-load-bearing.

Load-bearing ball joints are subject to continual stress and should be inspected frequently to ensure optimal performance. Depending on suspension configuration (Multi-Link, MacPherson, Double Wishbone, Solid Axle), ball joints may be located on front upper and/or lower control arms, as well as steering knuckles. They may also be found in the rear suspension. Additionally, contingent on suspension design and vehicle application, ball joints can appear as:


Tangrui innovates every ball joint component. Our engineers focus on improving part life and ease of installation, employing punishing durability testing to validate every new design.


Application :

Parameter Content
Type Ball joints
OEM NO. 45046-19175
Size OEM standard
Material ---Cast steel---Cast-aluminum---Cast copper---Ductile iron
Color Black
Brand For TOYOTA
Warranty 3years/50,000km
Certificate IS016949/IATF16949

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