6L8Z-30-78AA And YL823078AA Control Arms For KUGA-Z5142

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Turn to Tangrui for steering & suspension.

Our control arms and track control arms are the real deal. As a critical element of a vehicle’s design and an integral part of the suspension system, you've got to choose an OE quality control arm. That's why you can turn to Tangrui for reliable steering & suspension parts.

Why should you trust Tangrui for control arms?

Our control arms undergo 100% crack detection and ultrasonic flaw detection tests to ensure materials match OE specifications.

Robot welded for consistent performance and quality.

Anti-corrosion protection applied to each part.

We test our parts to the extreme, from every angle, for reliable performance at temperatures below -40°F and over 248°F.

Turn to Tangrui for strong import and domestic coverage.

Whether you’re a technician or a DIYer, you can trust Tangrui steering & suspension parts for your domestic, European and Asian vehicles. We cover 26 major automotive brands, including late model applications through 2019.

What control arms do:

Help control the motion of the wheels and connect the suspension to the vehicle structure.

Connecting the spindle, hub or knuckle and wheel to the vehicle’s chassis, the control arm is a critical part of any vehicle’s steering and suspension system. Also known as an A arm, it allows the wheels to move up and down, while preventing forward and rearward movement and maintaining directional input from the driver. So, when the steering wheel is turned, the wheels follow suit.

Application :

Parameter Content

Lower Control Arm Right  KUGA(13-)

Lower Control Arm Left  KUGA(13-)






Size OEM standard
Material ---Cast steel---Cast-aluminum---Cast copper---Ductile iron
Color Black
Brand  For KUGA
Warranty 3years/50,000km
Certificate IS016949/IATF16949

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